How to order?

Please drop me an email to info@ourcherub.com regarding ordering. I currently have limited access to a kiln but still would love to give it a go! You can enquire about the main pups - they may vary slightly as they are all handmade and so are all unique but they will be same design, same colours. Or you can add a choice of specific colour jumpers, no jumpers or specific ribbons.

Fancy a commission?

Drop me an email explaining what you fancy, any colours - if you have a picture of your pup thatd be even helpful. Price will be based on design and materials so I will get back to you with a cost.

What are they made from?

I currently make them at my unis facillities, using stoneware clay which is sourced from Valentine Clays. They have been glazed and fired and so can hold water if desired (the ones with no lining). Super sturdy and ready to be your perfect accessory. I try and use deadstock fabrics but some have materials from my local craft shop.

Why such long lead times?

I am on a made to order basis at the moment and so lead time can be up to 4 weeks until dispatch as they are kiln fired and that has 2 gos. If there is a rush/deadline for birthdays or gifts do let me know and I can see what I can do!

How much!?

Not really a question but an explanation. This hasn’t been said but I know that the pooches can be seen a little steep but it really isn’t. My pieces are made to be considered as an investment into a product that you have for a long time for style, for home, for fun!

I have to charge my worth, time, equipment and skills. It’s not gonna be for everyone but I can’t undersell myself. It’s your decision whether you think my product is worth it - and I truly hope you do, and I hope that you’ll support me and my doggies!

Are you doing your part?

I’m definitely doing my best as a start up. All the packing is recyclable and made from recycled products. That even includes my packing tape and cards inside the order. I try and reuse where I can, the unused clay at uni is made into slip where possible and recycled where possible.